Trends in 2021

Linspiration trends 2021

After a year of limitations, lockdown and living in insecurity, we will face a second ‘roaring twenties’ influence this summer. We feel like dressing up, we want to make an effort again and feel feminine. We are tired of wearing baggy pants and sport outfits at home all the time. Elegancy and statement pieces will be up front in fashion.

The chain trend is bigger than ever this year; chain prints, chain jewelry & chain accessories for glasses, bags, phones & keys are visible all day on social media.

We want to express our frustration and tensity by enjoying life, celebrating and party.

So we will face an intense explosion of colors like, neon, red, green, lilac/purple as highlights and large graphic prints.

Since a year we are all focused on nature and our knowledge of nature, we are more aware of sustainability and we desire craft and handmade products. This influence will be visible in all kind of fashion products.

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Love, Lisa