Trends 2022

New year - New trends - what's going on?

We are embracing a new way of styling; to show off our identity after a lockdown. We love more statement and unique pieces and extravagant styling in the boring daily life.

We care about self-expression/ statement dressing by huge color explosions and statement jewelry to separate ourselves from the mass. Color use gives us a feeling of hope, balance and optimism.

I notice a 90ties revival (monogram looks and neon colors) where outfits, shoes & accessories are all in 1 mono color. Huge platform soles as well. Black&white prints are also part of this trend.


Since we like to style ourselves with statement pieces, I have created unique chain combinations like: flat matt chains mixed with big square shiny chains. Metal chains with colored chains. And I also sourced for new fabrication techniques like painted chains in black/white combinations. 

Every individual has different needs and wishes, therefore I am so proud of our flexible, handmade fabrication in The Netherlands. Every chain and every locker can be custom made, just send us a mail at and we follow up your wishes!

Greetz, Lisa