Trends 2023 | PARIS scarf

How to describe the success of the brand Lins Amsterdam;

  1. The products are multifunctional; they can be worn in many ways
  2. The products are worn by a wide target/age group
  3. The collection is based on classic items and real statement pieces

The new PARIS collection is based on this success. The glasses scarf is a new trend and it's a completely new product. This item is also multifunctional and suitable for all ages.

The scarves' prints are of own design. This PARIS collection consists of 4 scarves:

Empowerment print: Same as our (glasses) chains, this scarf is a statement piece (hence the term empowering). The paint splatters/graffiti are a real trend.

Leopard print: The leopard colour is a bestseller from LINS. Now combined paired with the new chain in powder pink.

Quilted print: This black scarf has the 'stitched through, padded effect' and is totally on trend!

Snake print: This print is a true classic; the print that goes with everything.

How to wear?

  1. The scarf comes with two types of chains, so you can choose a chain that best matches your glasses or for variety.
  2. You tie the scarf to the chains and the chains hold the rubbers, which you can attach to your (sun)glasses.
  3. Extra addition (to be ordered separately) is the easy clip ring, so you can use the scarf even more creatively and tie knots around the easy clip ring.
  4. Without the chains, wear the scarf:
  • to your bag
  • as a bracelet
  • in your hair
  • as a necklace
  • as a belt
  • around a hat