Trends in 2020

Would you like to know what absolutely must be in your wardrobe this spring and summer? What will be the trends in 2020? Which shoes and accessories should not be missing from your collection? Then this article is especially for you. Here you can read exactly what all the trends for 2020 will be.

Linspiration trends 2020

Have you ever heard of Iris Apfel from NEW YORK? No? It's a 99-year-old businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon! A woman with a truly unique style, looking for inspiration in the most diverse markets in all corners of the world.

She dares to combine and she doesn't like it when it looks like a 'set'. She's a great sympathetic person. She likes to inspire young people and teaches them to look further into their surroundings instead of their smartphones.

She proudly carries the big shift trend of 2020! Iris Apfel is an inspiration for me and for Lins Amsterdam, the current switching trend symbolizes the link between the different product groups.

Link chain: The trend for 2020

You see them more and more as prints on clothing: The link chain. On dresses, blouses, t-shirts, and skirts, you name it. Everywhere they come back. The link chain is not only hot as a print, but also as an accessory. That is the trend for 2020!

The link can be used as a short or long link chain, as a link bracelet, link earring, or shorts belt. But for example also as a telephone chain, key chain link, link chain for your sunglasses, link chain for your bag, and as a bottle link chain.

The link is also a nice symbolism: connecting product groups (the link chain can be clicked on your phone sleeve, on your trousers or on your bag), but also connecting people who are going to work together. Multi-purpose!  

"Born in a shoebox"

That's what they say when you're the 4th generation working in the shoe business. Already 20 years of experience in product development and trends I see coming from far away.

At the moment we are in the middle of western boots and suede boots, long boots with high heels, profile bikers, boots with studs and straps. For the best comfort is a must, everything we wear has to be comfortable and here the sneaker still wins, now with coarse, thick profile soles.

After this comes another counterpart, we want to go back to elegant and minimalistic. The sneakers get thinner soles and Converse comes all the way back! So take a good look if you still have them somewhere in the back of your shoe closet and otherwise there will be many new versions available soon.

Sustainable trend 2020

Eco-friendly shoe brands like Veja, Allbirds and Rothy's are growing in popularity because of its durable materials and transparent production. Also in China is working hard on this subject, there are already many sustainable materials available, such as recycled plastic and water-based PU.

Sustainability as a trend is still in its infancy and will continue to expand in the coming years. In the clothing industry, they are already much further in this development and the supply is already much larger.  Where many a trend is quickly over again, it will remain so for some time to come. I therefore wonder whether we should see 'sustainability' as a trend or as a 'necessity'.

Wardrobe trends 2020

While walking on the fairs and in the fashion cities it strikes me that actually all fashion is allowed. All influences mix and match. The most important theme is 'personalizing' your outfit, shoes, or accessories. Distinguishing yourself, finding the unique product, that seems to be the challenge. New trends are spotted on the internet and Instagram and we are oh so proud when we have found something that is unique and suits you. A second important influence is the 'comfort' level, your outfit has to be comfortable and it has to match your appearance and therefore be yourself. The fashion consumer seems much more self-confident than before, doesn't need mass anymore, and also has more budget left over for that one unique product. It's great fun because feeling this freedom unleashes a lot of creativity in all fashionistas. For many brands, the challenge is to stay with the same 'signature' but to keep innovating themselves.

There are many ways to personalize your outfit; that cool khaki camouflage jacket from a couple of years ago can be taken out of the closet, you can personalize it by, for example, ironing letter emblems on it or hanging buttons on it. You can buy it on the internet or in the markets. You can personalize your skirt by putting a large elastic belt with a large buckle around it. A nice pin in your hair is surprising. And a Lins Amsterdam phone link chain around your neck so you always have your search engine at hand and can take instant photos and videos. A pair of old western boots underneath and your old bag gets a different look when the LINS Amsterdam link chain hangs on it. Voila, ready, your own unique outfit. Happy fashion day!

Handbag trends 2020

The Circle bag and the crescent moon are becoming extremely popular. Very small mini bags that hang on your chest or the pouch bags are also allowed. In summer the rattan bags come back in round shapes with a leather handle. Hang one of those cool links from Lins Amsterdam and your look is complete.

 2020 is turning a blind eye

Isn't that what makes you happy? The main color influences are aqua mint, gold, bright rosé, brown earth tones, fluorescent accents, and classic blue. If you choose a color, it can be worn in your entire outfit, so don't mix bright colors anymore but the bright colors ton-sur-ton. For the earth tones you can make beautiful combos; with off white, sand color, light brown, and dark brown for example. Khaki also fits nicely in this palette. It is important to have a quiet look.

Lins Amsterdam has the link chain in various trend colors and they complete your outfit and are also very functional and strong. The link chain carries your bag, your phone, your sunglasses, or your bottle with ease. At Lins Amsterdam, you can easily order your favorite item online.

Love, Lisa