Welcome to the LINS family!

My name is Lisa van der Mije and i’m the Founder of LINS Amsterdam. I have over 20 years' experience through which I have gained in-dept knowledge and build a substantial network.

Being a trendwatcher and a product developer, I forecast trends in an early stage. I like unique and customize trends and I believe that a trend can only be successful if you can use it for multiple purposes like the linkchain trend. During the linkchain development period I found out that more and more functional usage is very popular, since women like comfort and quality as well.

Sourcing for 6 months to finally find the right quality and ‘look and feel’ of the LINS linkchains, the product development began. I have tested the quality and the metal lockers carefully with my team and more and more product groups were added in their own unique and handmade design. Also the jewelry box is made by our team.

The linkchains can be used for bags, for belts, for jewelry, for phone cases, for glasses, for bottles and for shoes. Then I realized THE CHAIN SHOP is ready to be launched!

I work closely with a fantastic team of specialists in BERLIN, FRANKFURT and TAIWAN, all with their own great expertise. All these characteristics form essential links to be able to shine everyday.

LOVE , Lisa.