Lins is all about creating timeless accessories for unique women. 

Besides the functional and stylish features, we see a symbolic meaning in chains. 

Chains connect.

They combine modernity with tradition, function and style. This symbolism is an essential part of our brand.
Lins stands for strong women who appreciate quality and enjoy new trends.

We value transparency.

The base of the chains is produced in 2 small special factories in China.
The 25 employees in the factories work under fair conditions.
During our development work we have personally visited both factories to not only strengthen our personal relationships but also to talk to the employees and check the working conditions.

The material used is based on recycled ABS acrylic, which can be recycled after use.

For the lockers we work together with a specialized factory. We only use nickel free metal and focus on a strong quality.

All Lins chains are subjected to chemical tests and approved for distribution in the EU.

The final assembly of the chains is done by hand in the Netherlands.
We subject every product to strict quality control and try to fulfil every wish of our customers.

At your service, always
XX Lisa